Gail B. Siesfeld

President & Co-founder


As chief executive officer, Gail brings more than forty years’ experience to managing commercial and residential real estate title and settlement operations. This experience has provided her a vast knowledge in underwriting and insurance department regulations, RESPA requirements, business development, corporate finances, technology and software systems, human resources and sub-contractor staffing. She is sensitive to her clients’ needs in order to provide products and services to meet their individual requirements. Gail and her team are always looking for ways to make their clients’ work less cumbersome.

Sarah A. Cox

Office Manager & Closer



Sarah is responsible for daily office operations. She is actively engaged in all aspects of the title business and directly oversees searching, examination, title clearance matters and reviews documents for recordability. Sarah has mastered the process for the new eRecording option available in select counties in New York – keeping A&G Title one of the front runners in new technology available.  Her poised time management skills are reflected in the relaxed, comfortable atmosphere of the office. With an acute attention to detail, she manages the office staff, quality control and closings. Sarah entered the title industry in 2001 and brings professionalism, expertise and confidence to her position.

Paula K. Tullar

Production Coordinator



Paula provides the fuel to keep our operation running smoothly. Transitioning over from her family’s restaurant business over 10 years ago, she developed skills in customer-service and understands the needs of a small business. Her ability to multi-task allows her to process new orders, prepare title reports, schedule closings and work with clients and staff to achieve the fastest turn-around times as possible all while maintaining accuracy. Her strong work ethic, client focus and enthusiasm provides Paula with the precise skills essential for her position.

Patricia A. Gatto-Chinery

Title Officer



Toni began her career examining, reading and clearing commercial and residential titles more than 35 years ago after graduating from Trinity College in Washington DC with a BA in Urban Studies followed by obtaining her paralegal certification from Mercy College in White Plains. Her extensive experience, both upstate and downstate, enables her to assess risk and articulate sensible solutions to the multitude of issues that arise in real estate transactions. Clients find Toni’s approach direct, pragmatic and resourceful.

Nancy A. Heberger

Administration, Accounting & Compliance



Nancy’s background as a retail manager, accountant and a Company Security Officer for a sightseeing tour boat company provides her with experience in regulatory compliance, accounting, marketing, and social media. Her main goal is to keep us current with, and prepared to meet the continuing changes in many elements that comprise our business. Nancy in an optimum position to anticipate and guide us through the complexities of our industry with fresh perspectives. Nancy’s team spirit, ability to think outside the box and administrative expertise bring an added dimension to our already broad-based staff.